Edmond Valin’s recent addition to the Rat Trap section involves a New York mobster who relocated to the Windy City and deceived and betrayed the Chicago Outfit. See: “The Italian mobster who wasn’t.”

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The FBI makes every effort to hide the identities of its confidential underworld informants, even long after the informants have passed away. Unlike the famous Joe Valachi and other Bureau cooperating witnesses, who exchange public testimony for government protection, confidential informants continue in their dangerous underworld roles while secretly feeding information to investigators. In reports, …

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The website recently added a collection of articles by writer (and history detective) Edmond Valin. Based in the Toronto area, Valin’s specialty is deducing the identities of confidential underworld informants through clues left in government documents, such as FBI files, and other sources. We are calling the article collection, “Rat Trap.” At the moment, there …

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