[Update: The web hosting company did a recent repair. The old onewal.com links should now redirect to pages on the mafiahistory.us domain.]

One of the results of a recent change in web hosting companies has been a fairly abrupt change in the use of the old onewal.com domain for this site. Some years ago, the site was given the domain, mafiahistory.us, but onewal.com was retained with full functionality for users who had grown accustomed to it. The two domain names remained interchangeable.

Until last week.

Now,URL shortener pageonewal.com” and “www.onewal.com” work on their own to access the main website homepage (equivalent to the address, mafiahistory.us/index.html). But the onewal.com domain cannot be used to directly access any other pages on the site. For example, mafiahistory.us/maf-glos.html brings up the Underworld Slang page, but onewal.com/maf-glos.html only produces a rather odd error message (see image).

The web hosting company has indicated that this is a problem it does not plan to resolve any time soon. So, it appears that a clean break from the old onewal.com domain is in our near future.

As work on the American Mafia history website redesign continues, there is a new web address for the site:


(Go ahead and try it now by clicking on the address above. I’ll wait.)

The old address of onewal.com will continue to function for a while, but this new alias/address should be far easier for new visitors to remember.