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American Mafia - East Harlem 1909-1915

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East Harlem 1909-1915

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1 - 1915 - Thomas LoMonte is shot to death at corner of East 116th Street and First Avenue.

2 - 1910 - No. 216 East 115th Street is an address associated with the Morello and Terranova families at the time Giuseppe Morello was sent to Atlanta Federal Prison for counterfeiting. Possibly confused with No. 216 East 105th Street (see N below).

3 - 1912 - No. 331 East 114th Street is a restaurant operated by Amadeo Buonomo.

4 - 1913 - Amadeo Buonomo is murdered outside of a wine shop at East 113th Street and First Avenue.

5 - 1911 - No. 239 East 109th Street was site of the stabbing murder of Frank "Tough Chick" Monaco by Nicolina Lener. At the time, Lener and her mother Pasquarella Spinelli were residing there.

6 - 1909-1915 - No. 318 East 109th Street held the bake shop and residence of Giosue Gallucci, location of the 1909 murder of Giosue's brother Gennaro and of the 1912 murder of gang leader Aniello "Zoppo" Prisco.

7 - 1913 - No. 329 East 109th Street was the home of Giosue Gallucci aide John Russomano and the site of the 1913 killing of Tony Capalongo.

8 - 1915 - No. 336 East 109th Street was a cafe run by Giosue Gallucci's son Luca. Giosue and Luca were both fatally shot at that location in 1915.

9 - 1905 - No. 345 East 109th Street was an early residence of Pasquarella Spinelli, husband Pietro and Pasquarella's daughter Nicolina Lener.

A - 1914 - Fortunato LoMonte is murdered at the corner of East 108th Street and Second Avenue.

B - 1895 - No. 234 East 108th Street was reportedly the address of Frank Costello's early childhood.

C - 1912 - No. 334 East 108th Street was the location of the structure referred to as the "Murder Stable." It was the site of Pasquarella Spinelli's murder.

D - 1912 - No. 335 East 108th Street was the residence of Pasquarella Spinelli and Nicolina Lener at the time of Spinelli's murder in the boarding stable she operated across the street. Lener claimed to have seen the killer through the front window of the residence. The address was also the home of gang leader Aniello "Zoppo" Prisco in this period.

E - 1912 - Luigi Lazazaro was killed at the corner of East 108th Street and First Avenue.

F - 1910 - 2097 First Avenue was the home address of Pasquarelli Spinelli and daughter Nicolina Lener.

G - 1909 - No. 207 East 107th Street, top floor, west side, was the home of Giuseppe Morello just before his counterfeiting conviction.

H - 1913-1915 - No. 227 East 107th Street housed the wine business of Ippolito Greco and a saloon run by Greco and Angelo Gagliano.

I - 1910-1915 - No. 229 East 107th Street was a business address for the Morello and Company contracting firm and later the home address for Ciro Terranova and his family.

J - 1905 - No. 332 East 107th Street was the home address of Ippolito Greco.

K - 1912 - The East 107th Street entrance to the "Murder Stable."

L - 1912 - No. 334 East 107th Street is a commonly used by apparently incorrect address for Pasquarella Spinelli's boarding stable business.

M - 1909 - No. 329 East 106th Street was home to Vincent Terranova, half-brother of Giuseppe Morello and brother-in-law of Ignazio Lupo.

N - 1910-1912 - No. 216 East 105th Street was the residence of Nicholas Terranova.

O - 1912 - No. 252 East 105th Street was home to both Vincent and Nicholas Terranova.

P - 1914 - No. 253 East 105th Street was a residence of Ciro "the Artichoke King" Terranova.

Q - 1913 - Giuseppe Fontana was murdered outside of No. 325 East 105th Street.

R - 1914 - Nick DelGaudio was murdered in front of No. 425 East 104th Street while walking to a nearby garage to get his automobile.