Recent additions: Bosses, bios, articles

There have been a few updates and additions to recently. These have included:

Detroit Bosses – new research, reorganized, reformatted.

– Biographies for Frank Calabrese Sr of Chicago, Salvatore Giannola of Detroit, Antonino Giannola of Detroit, Vito Adamo of Detroit, Thomas Altamura of Florida, William Dara of Florida, Gus Alex of Chicago.

– Article “Robbing from the mob: Christmas Eve killings bring to end couple’s foolhardy criminal career.”

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2 thoughts on “Recent additions: Bosses, bios, articles

  1. I’ve never said the name Mafia. No such of a thing In the US. I prefer to use the term LCN. If I am allowed to ask, are all five families still up and running in NY. I know in the 80s, Many bosses were sentenced to lengthy terms. Does the commission still run things are do they act like more independent street crews now?

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