Oct. 2020 Informer - Nicola Gentile

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Oct. 2020 Informer - Nicola Gentile

Post by THunt » Mon, Oct 19, 2020, 6:50 am

The memoirs of Nicola Gentile contain a wealth of information on early Mafia history in the United States. But this treasure has been inaccessible for most Americans. Published twice in Italy – in 1963 and in 1993 – the book, Vita di Capomafia, has never been released in an English-language version. Copies of the Italian-language editions are rarely available for sale and nearly impossible to locate in U.S. libraries.


Informer's October 2020 issue brings Nicola Gentile’s entire life story to the English-language reader. Building on extensive original research by a team of Mafia history experts and on U.S. government documents designed to extract meaning from the memoirs, the issue balances Gentile’s obviously self-serving and self-aggrandizing autobiographical work with verifiable history, corrects misinformation and fills in the wide gaps in his personal account.

In addition to Gentile-related information, the journal includes:

- 1900s Mafia feuds in Los Angeles,
- Book excerpts,
- Book announcements,
- COVID-19's impact on Mafia,
- Obituary.

The issue is available from MagCloud in print and electronic magazine formats, from Amazon in print paperback and Kindle e-book and from Google Play Books in searchable PDF and EPUB e-book formats.

Contributors to this issue: Thomas Hunt, David Critchley, Steve Turner, Lennert van't Riet, Richard N. Warner, Justin Cascio, Sam Carlino, Michael O'Haire, Jon Black, Margaret Janco, Bill Feather, Christian Cipollini.

More information on this issue:
https://informer-journal.blogspot.com/2 ... ormer.html
- Tom Hunt
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