Accardo's death in 1992

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Accardo's death in 1992

Post by THunt » Thu, May 27, 2021, 10:32 am

Longtime Chicago Outfit boss Anthony Accardo died in May of 1992.
See: ... tters.html

Precisely when his last days occurred seems to be a matter of some disagreement. While contemporary news sources and biographer William F. Roemer, Jr., clearly place his death on Wednesday, May 27, 1992, as of this writing a number of online sources (including Wikipedia and Find A Grave) insist that Accardo's death occurred five days earlier, on May 22.

Accardo articles on Wikipedia and Findagrave (May 27, 2021)

This is made more curious by the fact that one source cited for the Wikipedia death date is a May 29, 1992, Hartford Courant (Associated Press) article that states death occurred the previous Wednesday.

In fact, news reports uniformly indicate that Accardo passed away on a Wednesday night. The Wednesday preceding publication of the reports was May 27. The May 22 date supplied in Wikipedia, Find a Grave and elsewhere was a Friday.

We are eager to find authoritative documentation of the date of death.
- Tom Hunt
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