Raffaele Agnello of New Orleans

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Raffaele Agnello of New Orleans

Post by THunt » Sun, Oct 28, 2018, 8:29 am

On this date (Oct. 28) way back in 1868, New Orleans Sicilian leader Litero Barba was killed.

Initially blamed on an African-American political figure (Barba had been a member of the J.P. Macheca-led Innocenti gang that terrorized African-American political rallies), the murder was later attributed to Raffaele Agnello. Agnello led a New Orleans Mafia organization made up of immigrant criminals from the Palermo region of Sicily. The Barba killing was viewed as an Agnello effort to gain an upper hand against underworld societies built from Sicily's Trapani and Messina areas. An alliance of Messinesi and Trapanesi sprang up in opposition to Agnello, and a bloody gang war resulted.

"New Orleans gangland murder" (Writers of Wrongs)
https://www.writersofwrongs.com/2016/10 ... n-new.html
"America's first Mafia war: New Orleans, 1868-1872" (mafiahistory.us)
- Tom Hunt
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