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The Real Thing
The Autobiography of Joseph Valachi
- Part 4 of 4 -

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Joseph Valachi

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- 1096 -

four your lose he told me. I took the hint and I stepped on the side and while I was standing on the side Ralph Wagner came over and I ignored him as I had my eyes on everyone. Now a guard came over and he started to look at everyone.

Things did not look right to him. Everyone had a suspicious look. Well the guard did not go away he stood there and I took the opportunity and instead of going near the guard I went to the toilets as they were about thirty feet away from the Bocci court and I saw one of the greaseballs go over to Porkey and ask him in Italian and he was holding his right-hand on his waistline and he had such a pale look and he asked Porkey should I get him and Porkey yelled out loud, "What are you asking me for" and I heard it. I was not doing anything on the toilet I was only stalling. If he the greaseball would had come my way I would had run as I would had a good lead but when Porkey walked away on him the greaseball did not know what to do. Now the whistle blew and it was time to go into the cell block. I waited for Vito Agueci and as he was with another guy I started to walk together with Vito and the other guy to make it look good that I did not hear him. I made conversation by asking Vito Agueci as he has no money why don't he come to the tailor shop and work he can earn some money and he can buy his cigarettes and what else he needs and then save some money because one is only allowed to spend fifteen dollars a month and in the tailor shop he can

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- 1097 -

earn from thirty to forty dollars a month. We reached our desination. Vito Agueci went to A Block and I went to B Block and when I reached it I found Vito Genovese in the cell all by himself and he was speechless when he saw me he didn't have the nerve to ask me anything. I went and lay on my bed and I did not say anything.

The next morning I did not go for breakfast. I went straight to work and that afternoon about two o'clock I heard that they locked up Ralph Wagner and the other fellow that I had made friends in the cell but I think he was a phony too I forget his name so I would call him Boston as he came from Boston. Now when I came from the tailor shop instead of going in the mess hall I went straight to my cell without eating - who could eat. Of all the surprises I find Vito Genovese waiting by my door of the cell and he asked me what happened as I was coming down the tier. I told him you know what happened. He did not answer me. I said to myself how Vito when I am alone with him he keeps his mouth shut when I am alone with him. He is really got Ralph Wagner in the cell for his protection. I won't even raise my hands to him I would be ashamed of myself to do such a thing. I ain't looking for any reputation that is for dizzy kids like Ralph. While Vito was laying on his bed he asked me what did I think of the pinch. I told him that I am going to think it over all I know is that I

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- 1098 -

had two friends and they both locked up I must think about it and I let you know tonight what I think. He asked me why I did not go and eat and I told him I can't eat but I am warning you that I am not going to go nuts. He asked me what did I mean. I told him that I'll let you know tonight. He went out to the yard and I stayed in the cell and when he came in I told him how come my two friends went in the hole you know they are the only friends I have. I wanted to impress him that I really believe that Ralph is my friend. Now I tell him what happened at the Bocci court. I told him Vito I want to tell you something you think that you are outside do you know that Vito Agueci called me all kind of names. No he said he did not hear it. OK Vito I said I want to tell you that they are all dogs. I have been in jail before and that set up was for some square.

Vito Agueci thought or the one who told him to do it thought that when he called me those names that I would go after him that is why he was forty or fifty feet away and if I did go after him for calling me names in the struggle and excitement one of the great brains that you had over at the Bocci court would had jabbed the knife in my back and it would had been all over and no one would had paid for it because there were so many guys over there but when I made believe that I did not hear Vito Agueci they did not know what to do. There was no one there that knew what to do they acted like idiots. They were waiting for the next order.

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- 1099 -

Even Barcelona did not know what to do now I am going to turn this place upside down. You would see if any of them had any kind of brain. One of them would had told me why don't you answer the guy he is calling you a rat but they all remained dumbfounded and you should had seen their faces they were more scared that I was. See this cut that I got and I showed it to him by lifting up my shirt.

Since I got this cut I don't jump at anyone who comes to me on a surprise. If anyone comes to me on a surprose like Vito Agueci called me names I would figure that something is wrong the guy must be prepared and I ain't. You should had seen them I told Vito Genovese the whole bunch of them stood there looking at one another. Now the guy who plotted that setup was way out of order. Vito Genovese himself did not want to say anything because he knew that I was right and I told him that you passed judgment on me without a trial. I could tell you plenty about Vito Agueci but I ain't going to tell anything. I just wanted to see how your good judgment would come out. All the boys on the outside know that Vito Agueci is no good. By now that is all what I would tell you because I am going to make up my mind as to what I am going to do. One thing I know that I will not be able to overcome what happened at the Bocci court and another thing Vito I told him that my bunk is being searched every night. I asked him if his bunk is being searched. He said he did not notice it. I think that this was a

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- 1100 -

Friday night that I am talking about. I know for sure it was now a working day when I decided the next morning what I had to do. I did not sleep all night, I was going over the whole situation and I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to overcome what happened at the Bocci Court and I came to the conclusion that they locked up those two guys because they are ready to kill me.

In the first place I had gotten a hint by someone but I dare not mention it twice, it was a guy that worked in the cell block. So by the next morning I felt like I was sick - no eating - so sleep and thinking my heart out. I was in a bad state of mind I must admit it. I went to the hospital but before I went to the hospital I had to get a pass from the guard in charge of the cell block that morning I went to him about seven o'clock in the morning. He gave me a pass for eight o'clock. All I was doing in the cell was having my legs up at the bar and laying there and waiting for eight o'clock to come. At eight o'clock I went to the hospital and the guard told me to sit down as there was no doctor in the hospital as he was late so I was waiting about a half hour when one of Vito Genovese's stooges come over to the hospital - he was Cripple Angelo. He asked me what was wrong. I told him to get out of here and it is nom of your business. He ran like a deer. Now I started to think the boys have good connections in the hospital and they can get me very easily. All of a sudden I went to the guard and I

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- 1101 -

told him to lock me up. He said that he cannot lock me up without a reason so I told him that I am going to take your name and put it in my brain. He said that if I gave him a good reason he would lock me up. First I spelled his name - I looked at his name as their names are on the left side of their chest.

I went this way, "STIEN, OK." I said I'm going to kill someone or be killed is that a good enough reason? He said yes. Now I asked him is there a man that I can trust. He asked me what did I mean. I said I don't trust the Associate Warden. Is Lt. Williams working. He said no. Then I figured oh what's the difference I ain't going to say anything. Then I asked him as we were walking toward the Associate Warden's office can I see the Warden himself and he the guard said I don't know if ever you get a chance to see the Warden. Well I was so tired that I was just glad to go in the hole and sleep and think. I suppose I should tell you what is the hole. It is a big cell and there is just a toilet and a mattress on the floor. Well just as I got in the hole I went to sleep and I did not wake up until they came around with the food. They would wake me up and just as soon as they would leave I would throw the food in the toilet and I would go back to sleep. After I got loaded with sleep I started to think but the first night that I was in the hole it was late when the guard opened the door and told me that the Chief Parole Officer is here and if I want to talk to him. I said

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- 1102 -

OK. I went out there and I was so tired that while I was talking to the Chief Parole Officer I was laying on the table with my head down. I asked the Parole Officer to get in touch with George Gaffney and he asked me who was he. I told him that he is in Washington. He wrote it down and he said this is between you and me. He said I can't call today but I would call Monday. I told him that I won't eat until he gets here. The Parole Officer told me that if I don't eat they would shove it down my throat. That's when I was going to grab the piece of paper and tear it up but I was so tired and so weak that I just did not care for anything. I was so tired of watching at every move that every inmate that came close to me. It was hell. No one would understand unless one goes through it.

The parole officer went away and I went to sleep again. After I was there about three days I started to think and I could not remember if I told the Parole Officer anything. Anyway I did not hear anything so I forgot about it. I started to eat a little but not much and I was thinking of what Vito Agueci's brother told me at West Street if his brother Vito Agueci ever got mad at you and he makes up a story against you God help you. Run he told me. He is one in eight million Albert said. Boy now that I know that Vito Genovese spoke to Vito Agueci what chance do I have I won't even try to defend myself. According to Albert his brother is the best story maker on earth. I was thinking how I saved the dog Vito

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- 1103 -

Agueci at Lewisburg when his own friend wanted to put a knife in his stomach.

Well I said to myself I'll never learn. The guard opened the door and told me that I must shave. I said OK and when I went out to shave I saw Ralph Wagner and he acted surprised to see me. He asked me what was I doing in the hole. I asked him why are you in the hole. He said that he did not know so I told him you are in the hole because you are my friend and I told him when they locked you up I decided to come in too and I am going to blow hiy top. I told him that Vito Agueci called me everything and then I told him for the first time that Vito Agueci was in Westchester County and he must have made a deal with Frank Savaggie the agent [words deleted] [words deleted] I asked Ralph are you got a charge against you he said no. Well Ralph I'm finished only putting myself in the hole is enough.

I'm dead and we just sold our life insurances. Boy you talked it in to me to come in that madhatter cell and he makes me walk around with Vito Agueci and he had talked to him all along. Ralph asked me how did I know that Vito Agueci had met Vito Genovese. I told him won't you like to know. Then Ralph said well in that case I'm with you. Cut it out Ralph I said if you get me mad I'll take it out on you. No Joe he said I'm going to tell the old man that Vito Agueci is no good when I get out of here. I don't care what you do I told him I'm not going out of here because ...

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- 1106 -

overcome all the talk that he started and I know that you are backing him or do you think that he can get away for what he did if it wasn't for you and to prove it to you I'll grab him and I'll show you what a dog he is. He said do it I want to see what hbppens. OK I'll do it tomorrow I said and then he asked me if I told Ralph in the hole that he Vito Genovese talked to Vito Agueci. Sure I told Ralph. Then he asked me who told me. Sure a guy done me good now I'm going to tell you who the guy is so he can get into trouble no sir I'll due but I won't tell you. Then I told him that I know that I made you look bad by going in the hole but I'll make you look good I said by getting Vito Agueci. Fine he said do a good job but don't get caught and then he said if anyone asks you why did you go in the hole tell them on suspicion of escape. Where does that fit in I said. Well we don't want people to know that you went in the hole because you were afraid that they were going to kill you. Well anyway that night I went into the yard and I met all the boys and also Johnnie Dio. Now, Johnnie Dio was cute. He spoiled everything for Vito Genovese. He asked me that I should take a shower as he notice that I did not take my shower the day before. Now I could had asked Johnnie how come you notice that I did not take my shower but I did not and when he asked me to go the next day he could not look at me straight in the face. He was looking in the air when he was talking. Gee how I wish that we were on

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- 1107 -

the outside world. What a yellow dog he is. He did not even have the nerve to look at me in the face. I told him sure Johnnie I'll come tomorrow and take my shower and I knew that Vito Agueci worked in the same place where Johnnie Dio worked I would had two yellow dogs to contend with but I knew that the both of them would not do anything they would have someone else there. I got so mad as I saw Vito Agueci about fifty or sixty feet away from where Johnnie Dio and I were standing that I walked to where Vito Agueci was and Johnnie Did not see me walk over to him. I called him on the side and I told him that I thought I heard you say something to me about a week ago what were you trying to tell me did you say something about a rat. He said God forbid. Gee I said I must have dreamed it I'm sorry. You sure I asked him that you did not say anything and as we were talking Big Solly came over and he asked is there anything wrong. No I said I asked this mutt if he tried to say something to me about five or six days ago. Now that I came out of the hole it dawned on me but the mutt swear that he did not say anything. OK I said. I walked away and Solly and Vito Agueci went walking around and I sneaked around a tree and I heard part of the conversation they were having. Solly was telling Vito Agueci that Joe is not right in the head lately and he ain't sure of himself so you see he was telling Vito he ain't sure. Well when I went in the cell the first thing that I told Vito Genovese

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- 1108 -

just what I did and I told him that when I saw Vito Agueci I could not wait for tomorrow I had to grab him and Vito Genovese spit on the floor when he hears it but that was not going to go over my head. I had to watch every move but I did not tell Vito Genovese about Johnnie Dio asking me to go and take a shower. The following day I kept that to myself.

Before I go any further I want the reader to know that once a guy or inmate goes over and asked to be locked up they ain't supposed to turn the inmate lose but in this case the connection were working to get me out of the hole although I warned Mr. Elliott that if I get cut lose there would be a murder. All he said to me was if anyone wants to kill you get in touch with him. I told him OK I'll call you when I'm dead. The day that I was supposed to go and get a shower I stayed in my cell all day. All that week we had a holiday. Once a year the tailor shop got a week and an inmate could go out in the yard or stay in his cell. After I explained everything to Vito Genovese. as to why I did not want him to meet Vito Agueci I told him also that Vito Agueci wanted to get even with his boss in Buffalo because Vito Agueci was raving mad at the boss in Buffalo. He accused his boss of killing his brother Albert and Vito himself was marked for death. His brother Albert had told me before he went out on bail that if

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- 1109 -

his boss does not bail out his brother Vito Agueci he was going to put his boss on the carpet. I warned him if he tried such a thing he won't live a month but he was a stubborn guy like his brother Vito and he must had tried to do what he threatened to do and the result was that he got himself killed.

He was going to put his boss on the carpet by going to the other bosses and tell them that his boss in Buffalo was in the junk business as partners in the case that he went out on bail. He felt that as long as his boss was a partner his boss should had bailed he and his brother Vito so the two brothers were two of a kind. I told Vito Genovese Vito Agueci found a spot and I was the spot.

I told Vito Genovese one thing for sure I told Vito Genovese that Vito Agueci got together with the agent Frank Savaggie at Westchester County; that he Vito Agueci would come to you and tell you all the stories he told you what could he had told you about me what would he know about me if the agent did not tell him. I did not know Vito Agueci on the outside. What would he know about me giving any information to the agent. The agents were mad at me because I refused to listen to them when they told me that you Vito Genovese was going to have me killed so the best thing to do they the agents told me was to join on their side if you don't believe me I told Vito when them guys come here from West Street you can ask them because I told them all about it. I told ...

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- 1110 -

me to come in your cell I came. Sure I came because I did not do anything wrong when I went down the last time they the agents made me go back and forth from Atlanta to West Street and from West Street to Atlanta. I told Vito Genovese you don't know how the agents work. If I told them something would I come back to Atlanta knowing the junk agents. There is not a man alive that told them anything and it did not take long before they got killed even if the agents did tell Vito Agueci that I gave information what does it mean do you know I told Vito Genovese. They are trying to do the same thing to Vinnie Mauro. They had it in the papers that Vinnie Mauro goes to the DA everyday.

Sure the agents know that we ain't supposed to fool around with junk. It ain't enough that they frame us now they want us killed by letting a stupid guy like Vito Agueci come to you and tell you stories. Now I want to do this with you Vito I told him prove what I did wrong and I'll take the pills and take my own life.

Can you do it I asked again. He looked at Ralph and Ralph looked at him. All he said was get that guy Vito Agueci. I told him if I was looking to hide anything would I come and tell you that Vito Agueci wants to talk to you. I could had kept Vito Agueci away from you all I had to do was be nice to him but I figured why should I hang out with him so that everyone would think that I had something to do with him on the outside. What for? I figured why should I hang out with him if I

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- 1111 -

had something to be nice to him for it would have been different but I had nothing to do with him on the outside. Let the ones that did business with him hang out with him why should I. All I know is that by me meeting these guys just for a few days in Canada I got myself a brand new twenty years and another thing they claim that their boss was in on the junk deal. What kind of men are they, they get arrested and they yell like a bunch of scared kids. Did I get any help when I got arrested in 1956 I did not have a dime. Did I yell that my boss Tony Bender was a partner of mine and he did not help me of course not but these guys get arrested just once look at all the noise that they made and you allowed a guy like Vito Agueci to come here and tell stories about me and if I don't know how to handle the situation I'd be dead. You see the way he dogged it Vito? I asked him how am I going to live this down? How am I going to do any time you go home and I got to live with these inmates and I am forced to go and get him and it means more trouble for what because he got a stupid idea in his head because he had asked me at West Street to have him meet you and you know what he wanted to tell you he wanted to tell you that Vinnie and Frank were guilty. I don't know what he told you about Tony Bender but one thing I want to tell you if Tony Bender had anything to do with the junk Frank and Vinnie were not yelling on West Street that their boss was in on the deal like the Agueci Brothers were doing. Well Vito I told him again

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- 1112 -

if anyone wants them kind of guys in their company they can have them it just so happened that I got all enemies in this joint and you encourage them and that's all there is to it. I saw dogs in my life I said to myself but none would match these dogs. It looked as though Vito Genovese saw the light but I said to myself what if Mr. Squire the Chief Parole Officer should let Vito Genovese know that I asked to get in touch with Gaffney. Well I said to myself I must sit back and see if anything happened. It would be in a couple of days so I better stall Vito Genovese about getting Vito Agueci. If it comes out that I tried to get in touch with Gaffney them I'm dead and if I'm going to die then I'll try and get the guy that made all this trouble Johnnie Dio or Joe Beck, either one. After all I did not know what I was doing but I can't tell them. I mean Vito Genovese. After all I figured that I was going to die and branded as a rat so I might as well do something and at least I'll die for something. We can never be the same. I would never forgive them. They had no business to be listening to a guy that don't even know how to talk English. Well I guess Mike Coppola is getting even on me.

He did not like me and I did not like him through the years and the rest of them are Albert men so I was fixed good. Who am I going to blame, my boss Vito Genovese for allowing all this stuff to happen - no I would never forgive him I said to myself. And the other punk Ralph Wagner is looking to hide his own sins by giving me up

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- 1113 -

at the trailer camp the first time I got arrested. OK Vito I reasoned if the Chief Parole Officer let's you know that I wanted to get in touch with Gaffney then it would be too bad for both of us. I'm sure I'm going to be killed and I got into this jam because he Vito Genovese listened to a bum like Vito Agueci and not forgetting Ralph Wagner and Vito Genovese took my business. Well I am getting bitterer and bitterer as I think about it I can't go back in the hole as between the mob and Mr. Elliott it is all one. I'll do some damage and then I'll bum in the Electric Chair. I must defend myself at any cost. I ran to the officer and I got into a worse jam. All week I was thinking and Ralph Wagner pulled a boner one night. We were laying on our beds as the lights had just gone out - Ralph got up and he went to Vito's bed and when he got back he said to me that he just told Vito that if it was he that they called a rat he would go after the guy regardless whether the guy denied it or not. Yes I answered I'm yellow. What can I do. Oh he said he did not mean it that way but my dear Ralph did not know that I knew it was not his idea that Vito must had put him up to do it because I know that Vito realized that he made a mistake and he is trying to straighten it out on my expense by me getting Vito Agueci. Yes my dear Ralph Joe is thinking different he is thinking that Vito Genovese put me in this situation and I am ruined. Well Joe is thinking you ruin me he is going to ruin you and if I kill you Vito Genovese it

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- 1114 -

would be no good you made me a rat. Well I'm going to be one after I get one of the main guys - not the mope Vito Agueci - so I got up and I went to Vito's bed and I told him that I must take my time in getting Vito Agueci. He said OK but don't get caught. I told him this phony story that I must take my time to stall for my own life. I figured that while they are waiting for me to get Vito Agueci I have time to find out if the Parole Officer had sent out word sure enough. I said to myself I'll go in the yard and I'll see if I can hear anything. Well, well one guy calls me and he said that he wanted to talk to me so we went on the side and we started to talk. He said that I must tell him the truth he said if I said anything while in the hole I should tell him. I told him that I did not know if I said anything and if he knew if I said anything he should tell me and he said if I sis not hear something why would I be asking you but he said I want to know if I said anything. Well first I want to know why you want to know and he said that he would tell me what to do if I said anything. I said you ain't good enough to tell me what to do. Now let me ask you a question do you know why I went in the hole.

He said no he did not and you want to tell me what to do my friend I said they don't tell you anything. You are not in a position to tell me what to do. Now I ask you another question did Vito Agueci call me any names at the Bocci Court. He said no. Well boy I told him they handled this thing all wrong and if I tell you anything you would have to report it so why don't you just leave everything the way it is and if you

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- 1115 -

are involved in the contract to get me go ahead and do your duty don't worry about me I'll take care of myself. Then he asked me if I expected the agents to come here in Atlanta. I asked him why are the agents going to come here he said that is what he heard. I said Joe Beck hears too many things. The best thing for you to do I told him tell them that you could not get anything out of me and you put yourself in the clear. I'm doing this for your own benefit believe me you would find out that I steered you right. One thing I want to tell you I did not do anything wrong I could tell you a lot but there are personal feelings involved in this case and they sent you to talk to me. I said Solly I know you were on their side right along. I made you believe that I believed that you were sincere all along and the only reason why I did was one that I know you must take orders and you have no choice, two, I stole information from you didn't you notice that I never paid attention to you when you used to knock Joe Beck or Vito Genovese. Didn't you get wise when we were walking and we met Pete and Pete said to me don't worry Joe everything would be alright in the end. Remember that Solly I said. Gee it is hard for an outsider to try and trap a mob guy. I knew what Pete meant, he meant that you were playing my friend but as I sai I forgive you because I know what it is all about. See what I mean. He patted me on my leg and he said I wish you luck. You see what I mean, I ain't no good no more ... myself in the hole and I must tell you that I am looking at you as I am ...

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[missing pages 1116 through 1137]

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- 1138 -

Kennedy won the election. Let us tell you why I said it. When the election was going on as I must tell you the truth I never did mind or get interested as to whom was elected but as this was an important election it did not mean anything to me but I would hear them - Joe Beck, John Dio, Frank Costello, Vito Genovese - all rooting for anyone but Kennedy and all I would hear that if Kennedy is elected, especially Johnnie Dio, we would be ruined. Of course Johnnie Dio was worrying about his buddy Hoffa, as I said all he would talk about was Hoffa. Well when Kennedy got elected there was a morgue in Atlanta. You would think that they were on the outside. The only one that did not say much was Frank Costello. Of course I would had never made a move like I did if it was not for Kennedy. After all that is the way I felt and I wanted to make sure before I moved as to what I was doing. I did not worry about my life but I wanted to see this thing through. I wanted to break it all up once and for all.

I knew what happened to a couple of guys that tried to hang some of the bosses - they never made it. I told you about three or four of them who tried it what happened and Charlie agreed with me. I was the most bitter man on earth. Who could blame me - to be mistreated by the worse punks on earth it was hard to take and who caused it all - the dear old man. Gee someone may want to know how come after what happened to me that I made up my mind to do what I am doing. ...

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- 1139 -

one. He must have a reason and again I say what is the difference as long as I am here. I don't need to say how I felt when I heard what happened to the President. Well all I know we lost a fighting man.

The lawyer came and saw me again and they told me that if I don't do as they say they would get off the case. I told them OK with me. They told me they don't want it on their record that someone burned in the electric chair and they defended the man it is not good to have it on our record. They said I'm not going to plea guilty. I said the judge means well but I don't care about the electric chair. I said as long as I get a chance to blast this joint - now I'm sore at the officials. I told the lawyer they made more trouble for me than the inmates. One of the lawyers was an FBI man for 13 years and he said that he understood me but you got thirty-seven witnesses against you he said but I don't care I told him again. I like you I told him so get yourself off the case. I'm sorry there is nothing for me to live for so I don't care. He said he would get on his knees if I would do what he tells me. I said no good. Well they went away and he came back in two hours and again he pleaded with me and again I refused. Well to make it short - he came back two more times so that made it four or five times that they came all in one day - after all it was only about a half hour drive from their office to Atlanta prison as Atlanta is right in the heart of the City - in ...

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- 1140 -

in court. I asked them why are they rushing this case. That is what we are trying to tell you. I asked them in the name of God tell me the truth is this case being pushed by someone. They said yes do as we say they said where there is life there is hope. Did you try and get in touch with someone they asked me. I said yes but I don't know if the message got out. I was even afraid to trust the lawyers as Charlie told me not to trust them over here they all one. Charlie said you not kidding. I told him we would wait a little longer. I took the names of my witnesses but I did not give the lawyers their names. I was afraid of giving the names. I was in a mess I could not trust no one. No word from New York so I wasn't taking any chances.

That night a guard came on duty that I had made friends at the Bocci court because he liked the way I played. He told me why didn't I go to him when I went in the hole the first time I would had seen to it that they don't cut you lose.

I told him that I thought of him but I did not know where to find him and besides I did not know his name as I was not that close to him. We were just friendly to one another. He told me that he don't care for the job. He said that he is on retirement on another job and he took this job to earn some extra money and he did not like crooked officials. I told him I wish I knew. I would not be in this jam. I had to do what I did or they would had got me. I heard about it he said. I hear that ...

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[missing pages 1141 through 1157]

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- 1158 -

him much and get rid of him as fast as you can. OK I said when is he coming.

He said he wants to come today but I'm going to tell him to come Monday. He Frank said that he wants to give him the run around. The FBI man called that day I was with Frank when the call came because Frank was coming every day at this time to make sure that no one comes and see me. I heard him tell the FBI man to come Monday as this was on a Friday. The FBI man wanted to come the following day and Frank told him that he don't come on Saturday and no one talks to Joe if Frank ain't there. The FBI man said OK I'll be there Monday.

Frank warned me again he said remember that Gaffney wants you to get rid of this guy OK I said.

Monday the FBI man comes to see me and Frank introduced me to him his name was Jim as soon as the FBI man comes in he tells me that they the FBI were one day late in getting to Atlanta to talk to me. Frank greeted him in a friendly way and Frank made him copy whatever he had already written. I tell Jim not to copy any more as Frank is got everything written in his own way as Frank goes out of the office for a moment Jim asked me what is the trouble. I tell him nothing as I want to get to know him and I want that he keeps coming. I asked him who sent you here and he said the Attorney General. He said the Attorney General could not understand the report that was sent in by Frank. I could

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- 1159 -

not tell him much but I asked him to come Saturday and Sunday if he can. I told him that there would be no one here Saturday. Jim comes over and I speak to him for a couple of hours. I asked him if he knew a certain FBI man. He said he did and the FBI man that I knew was in the same office as he Jim works. I tell Jim that this FBI man came to my house once and I told this FBI man how to go about it he wanted to know how to check on the jukeboxes they wanted to know if there was aiy intimidating in the business and I assured him that there was not. I told him to have the police check from store to store and they would find out that the storekeepers run the whole show. They borrow money from one operator and then look to get rid of him by borrowing from another operator so that they can get away from the first operator that he borrowed from the first time that is why the operators need a union to protect them from these storekeepers. Now if you find any corruption I'll assure you that it does not come from the operators. It would come from some outsider. Jim said he remembered when they came to my house and that I had given them the right steer and I saved them a lot of work. I asked Jim if he would like to come all the time he said he would like to come all the time. I was feeling my way around I just could not take the man in my confidence. I wanted to get to know him. I told him that Frank would be mad when he finds out that you come here on Saturday and

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- 1160 -

time. Fine I told him 'I would judge you as you come and if I get to like you I would tell you a thing or two as I am not satisfied with Frank. You would notice as you go along that whatever Frank has written in his report is ailtogether different as to what I'll tell you. OK he said. When Frank came around and he found out through the front office that Jim was over to see me on the weekend he got mad and I told him what do you want from me the guy came and I was not going to tell him that he should not come here. I like him I told Frank and Frank told me that I am going to get in trouble with Gaffney. I did not answer him as we were talking Jim walked in and he told Jim that he should not come on weekends and Jim told him OK he would not come on weekends and Frank told him that as far as he is concerned he could come but it is his boss that does not want anyone here unless he Frank is present. OK Jim told him and Frank grabbed me on the side and he told me that I am going to get in trouble with Gaffney. I told Frank you heard the way he spoke to me and he Frank told me yes you are right but do you know what he did when he left here he went to Washington and he was bragging about having you. I told him I don't like him and I don't believe you. Frank told me that they hurt me enough and they want to help me. I'm sorry I said he showed a very poor, sign of helping me. I said OK I'll tell him to come and see you Frank said. I did not answer. Well it went on this way for a couple of weeks and ...

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- 1161 -

to ger rid of Jim. I would not get rid of Jim. I would tell Frank I was getting closer and closer to Jim. Finally I told Jim that they want me to get rid of him so Jim asked me if he can have me moved out of Westchester would I be satisfied. I told him I'll go to hell just to get away from Gaffney. He Jim said give him a little time. Now Jim tells me that Vito Agueci is here in West Street they had him brought down from Atlanta and he Vito is here a couple of weeks.

Now when Frank came I asked him if Vito Agueci is coming down and Frank said he would be back in West Street on the fifteenth of the month. I said OK I did not tell him what I knew that Vito Agueci is already down as I did not want to make hard feelings between Frank and Jim. Now Jim asked Frank what is this that I hear is Vinnie talking. Frank told Him hes from what D. A. White tells me Frank told Him it may be and then Frank asked me what do I think I told him I am not thinking I ain't going to give any opinion. Then when I got a hold of Jim alone I told him not to pay any attention to Frank. Jim said it is true everyone is saying it. I told him the reason why every one is saying it is because Frank and Gaffney are spreading it all over town. They even put it in the papers they got me trouble now they think that they can do it to Vinnie. I told Jim I hope it were true but I want to steer you right, don't believe these guys they are a bunch of agitators. Jim said if it is true he wants to go and see Vinnie. I told Jim save

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your time and let them go and see him. Frank is spreading it on the outside and he thinks because they had luck with me now they can do it to everyone but it is all worked out they had their lesson with what they done to me and besides Vito Genovese ain't in Atlanta to be listening to phony stories. I told Jim that we would sit back and see what happens. Jim said OK he would sit back and see what happens. OK you would see.

Now Jim comes back and he tells me that this thing about Vinnie is all over, even Mr. Hundley asked him if it is true. He said Gaffney is spreading it all around Washington. Sit back and you will see in the end who is right and Frank kept on telling me right along but I would never answer him. I want him to make a fool out of himself he would keep telling me this one said it and that one said it. All I would do is look at him. They had a book called the Mafia and they had 237 names in the book and it was all the names that Gaffney had put in the book as members of the Mafia. They had guys like Mickey Cohen in the book, Irish fellows, all kinds of different nationalities. I did not say anything. I told Jim if we go away from here then I would straighten out the book but as long as the brains Gaffney knows what he is doing let him alone. Jim said OK as far as Vinnie was concerned after about 14 months everyone was convinced that he was not talking and the great brain looked bad again.

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- 1163 -

One day I'm alone with Frank and I tell him that a prisoner came in from West Street and he told me that Vito Agueci has been on West Street since the third of the month and when I am telling Frank it is about the 19th of the month I don't mention the month because I don't remember the exact month but I do remember the date of the month. Frank got excited and started to blame Jim for telling me. Frank said that he heard that Jim was down West Street to check whether Vito Agueci was there. I did not want to tell Frank that Jim had told me because I did not want to be a troublemaker. He can make up stories so can I. Well I asked Frank is Vito Agueci down at West Street or is he not.

Frank said yes he is down there since the third of the month. Well I asked him did you and Vito Agueci get together and make up a good story for yourselves.

He said yes he did make up a good story. He said he was sore at me because I made him look bad with Washington. I said this is the greatest thing I ever heard you were looking to set me up and I don't go for it and you get mad at me. Will I'll be I said it was supposed to be between you and I and now you tell me that I made you look bad with Washington. How did Washington find out? It shows you that you were trying to set me up and because I got wise to you and I saved myself you get mad at me. He was looking out of the window while I was talking.

He said that he did not expect me to commit murder. Or you expected me to get ...

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[missing page 1164]

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- 1165 -

help him. I asked him how and he said that I could testify for him. I asked him who was he going to put in the indictment. He mentioned about 40 names. I asked him why does he need me when he has two guys upstairs. He said he has three guys upstairs. He said a new one just came in. He said that this new one knows all about the Anastasia murder. I asked him who is he. Well he said he is a witness for us and he was out on bail and they shot him and they missed. He said that he was hit in the foot. He said that there was ice on the floor and the guy fell and one of the guys that was shooting at him fired about six shots at him while he was laying on the floor but the guy missed but the witness also had a gun and he also fired at the gunman. He thinks he hit him. I asked what is his [words deleted] I never heard of him I told him. Yes he said but he heard of you and you should had seen how everyone was interested when he was telling the story of Albert Anastasia. Who is everyone? He said all the agents.

No kidding I told him what did he say. He said that [word deleted] is the guy that furnished the guns for the killer of Albert. Oh boy I said from an errand boy now he is a big time gunman. He asked me if I wanted to meet him. I said no.

He said why not. I just don't care to meet him. 1-le said you can play cards with him. I told him to forget about it. Well he said What do you think about his story.

I said I don't care about giving any version. Gee he is making some hit he said.

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- 1166 -

Good for him I told him, did [words deleted] in his files. He said yes. Lots of luck to him I said, I don't know anything about Albert so keep [word deleted] and frame him or put his picture on your wall I told him I would have to hear what the D. A. says when he hears [word deleted] story. Frank said that the D. A. of New York County likes his story. Good I said. At this moment Jim walks in and when he heard the story he felt like I felt and I must tell you now I met the Assistant D. A. of New York County and I asked him what did he think of [word deleted] story and the Assistant D A told me that they threw the story out of the window. The idea why Frank wanted me to meet [word deleted] was that I would educate him I figured that the kid did not know what he was talking about so why should I go and live with him. At this time Jim had some papers in his hand and he reads to me a statement that a guy made to the D. A. at Atlanta. He is the inmate that hit another inmate on the head with a two by four and the inmate made a statement to the D. A. that he was assigned with Joe Valachi to hit the fellow that Joe Valachi had hit but he could not be with Joe that morning because he had an early visit. This was the same inmate that was supposed to send the priest to me when I was in the hole as I already told you that the priest had brought me a message and as I did not know the inmate I could not understand what the priest was talking about and I did not

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- 1167 -

I still don't know the inmate's name. The inmate had told the D. A. that Vito Genovese had given orders to hit the inmate that I hit and he also told the D. A. that he was supposed to be with me that morning but as he had told the priest he told the D. A. that he had an early visit and that was the reason why he could not be with me that morning but he took care of the other inmate that got away on Joe Valachi that morning and the D. A. in Atlanta was ready to indict Vito Genovese for murder if I cooperate with him. I told Jim that I did not know the inmate and besides everyone knows that I hit the wrong man and I also like to hang Vito Genovese if I can but I will not have a hand in framing Vito Genovese. So Jim sent the statement back to the D. A. telling him that Joe Valachi does not know what the inmate is talking about. The next thing I hear that they sent the inmate to the insane asylum. Now I'll tell you why this inmate tried to pull such a stunt. He had prepared it since I got into trouble he did not know that I was defending my own life. It was Vito Genovese who sentenced me to death but this fool doing fifteen years for a bank job and the way I understand it he came from the south somewhere he got a great idea hoping to save himself from the fifteen years that he was serving by scheming this phony story not knowing that I was an enemy of Vito Genovese. Somehow he figured that Vito Genovese had ordered me to hit this fellow that I hit in the first place I made a mistake I was really after all of Vito Genovese's men when this fool found out that I was an

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- 1168 -

enemy of Vito Genovese he went crazy and I heard that before he went crazy he had lost sixty pounds while he was in the hole. I told Jim the fool did not know that I tried to avoid getting hurt or hurt someone by putting myself in the hole but it was my hard luck that Mr. Ellicott had turned me loose and by him turning me loose I got into the jam that I got in. Now my dear friend [section deleted]

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[missing pages 1169 through 1178]

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- 1179 -

while. He is a low down cokey I told Frank and Frank said that I was right and we forgot all about it. Now Jim comes and he tells me that we would be leaving in about a week and I asked Jim where are we going and he said he did not know yet. Boy when Frank finds me gone out of here he is going to catch a fit. The reader would take notice that I am about to run off on Gaffney and the readers must remember how many times they read in the papers that Gaffney had turned me over to the FBI. He is got to read what I am writing and if he has any other story as to how I got out of his hands other than what I am telling you then he is a liar. Frank was over and again he asked me when am I going to get rid of Jim. I told him next week for sure.

The following week Jim came and told me that in a day or two I would be leaving Westchester County. I was happy because Frank had nothing else to do but tell me phony stories. He got me so sick telling me that he saw or spoke to this guy and that guy and I was getting to be a nervous wreck. Two days later two Marshals came and they moved me from Westchester County and they brought me to Mammouth, New Jersey, where there was soldiers and the food was very good and the next day Jim came and saw me. I wasn't too happy but as long as I got away from Gaffney I did not mind. After I was at the Army Base I must say that the soldiers and everyone else were fine but they did not have charg ...

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- 1180 -

to now he has been very nice to me and I am still with him. If anyone wants to know how I feel -- well all I did was protect myself and if I would had died I would had died branded like a dog in Atlanta and I did not do anything wrong.

Now if they get me at least I done enough to hurt them and I have been reading that I am interested in Vito Genovese if he should get out. Well I feel he made all the trouble for me and as long as he suffers with me I am satisfied and the main reason why I don't want him to get out on the street is that I know that a lot of guys would die, especially the ones who had the contract to get me in Atlanta and they failed. I know how Vito thinks -- they the boys brought him all the stories and when it came to do the job they along with Vito Genovese were out-smarted. One should know how I feel. Well I hope that some day the American people would benefit by what I have been telling them as far as the mob is concerned and I must say I am not afraid and I am not worrying as to what happens. I am alone in this world. I write to no one of my family as the world knows they disown me and I don't blame them. I would had been dead two years now and I would had the same name as I have now so what is there to lose. Mr. Vito Genovese you tell me.

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